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The image by Teemu Kvist 2015

The image by Teemu Kvist 2015

Welcom to PS Kemi  crowd funding project

PS Kemi is the soccer club from Kemi, Finland. The most popular sport provides most interesting opportunities. PS Kemi is the football club, which mission is support your business.

The objective of the project is support the football club and provide new opportunities for companies in one of the biggest industrial areas in Finland. In the area of Kemi, there is a plenty of steel and forest industry. Even 8% of Finnish export comes from the region.PS Kemi offers extremely good opportunites to gain visibility and recogniztion in the area. For the club investors, the investment is a potential way how reach awarness.
Kemi-Tornio region is located at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia. Currently there are approxmately 60 000 inhabitants and 3300 companies. Higher degree graduates of adult population is 20,2%.

The economics are based on chemical and mechanical forest industry as well as centre of steel- and metal industry. Wood/timber houses industry and of metal- and machine workshops are widely represent too.
Kemi-Tornio region is one of the most important Finnish regions in terms of industrial refinement and exports value. The region produces 80% of Lapland’s industrial production and creates 6% of Finland’s exports value. The annual turnover of the forest industry is 1,7 billion€  and the metal/steel produces 1,4 billion€ turnover.

Kaidi Finland plans to build a globally unique second generation biomass plant in Kemi by 2019. Kaidi’s sustainable technology makes it possible to produce biofuels by using wood based biomass, such as energy wood, harvesting remains and even leftover bark from the forest industry as the main feedstock. It will be the first of its kind in the world.

The plant will produce 200,000 metric tons of biofuel per year, of which 75% will be biodiesel and 25% biogasoline. When operational, the plant will be a showcase for clean, local energy that is produced sustainably from wood-based biomass. The planned biofuel refinery will create a significant boost to the Finnish economy. The total investment for the plant is estimated to be up to EUR 1 billion. It is estimated that the plant will bring over EUR 200 million of annual tax revenues.

PS Kemi provides easy entry to the area, which provides remarkable value of Finnish export. PS Kemi crowdfunding project provides opportunities, how to reach the firms and decision makers in the area. The club offer nationwide visibility as well, since PS Kemi plays in Finnish premier league, Veikkausliiga.

The crowdfunded sponsoring deals is meant to be an investment for new business opportunties and valuable connections.
New business potential can be reached by investing to PS Kemi crowdfunding project. PS Kemi crowdfunding project is easy access to build new opportunities. We help your business to take new steps to one of the most affordable area in Finland.

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Welcome to the crowd funding project of PS Kemi football club

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